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Sports coach for golfer athlete

There are important figures in the world of sport. All these figures are aimed at training and preparing an athlete, that is, a person who practices a sport with amateur or professional purposes. When the athlete practices a sport with a ball, the term player is generally used. From this definition it is clear that the golfer is still an athlete because he practices a discipline using a ball and for this he is called "golfer". Provided that the golfer is in any case an athlete, he needs a teacher and / or a trainer who follows him in his physical and psychological training. The coach, in his professional functions, prepares training programs to improve the muscular, technical and mental performance of the athletes, trying to increase their athletic performance and well-being, teaches the basic skills of a particular sport, leads sessions of training for their athletes by improving skills, technique and endurance, manages training situations that facilitate learning and assess the effectiveness of their teaching. These aspects are generally followed by the golf instructor who accompanies the athlete in his training. In the most professional cases, where an important result must be achieved for the sportsman, the master is assisted by external figures (athletic trainers or personal trainers) who integrate his professional function, developing a specific sector of preparation for the golfer. Everybody who plays golf knows the importance of the psycho-physical aspect of this sport. Concentration is fundamental if not primary. We must not lose the final goal of the game, the determination to achieve the desired result. But all this is not possible if upstream there is not a muscle training, as well as a technical one in the management of the manual skills of the game.

It is now recognized by all players who aspire to a competitive performance, that athletic training has a primary place in training the game of golf. The "mat" is an excellent exercise, comparable to the wall of the tennis player but then our athlete will have to compete with someone and to get the results will not be enough to know the shooting technique, stay focused on the goal, you must have a body trained to endure hours of walking and several shots. The most advanced managements of the "golfing academies" that are on the market, provide an athletic preparation that is done many times in the gym, using machines that assist the athlete in muscle hypetrophy or in any case in maintaining the tone. As mentioned in the previous articles the golfer does not need muscular hypertrophy, but a trained, tonic and loose muscle that helps him in managing the match. Any athletic trainer knows that to achieve muscle toning results you need to bring your athlete to perform a low-impact aerobic job, using from 65% to 70% of the maximum heart rate for at least 45 'or 60' minutes. It is not necessary to perform interminable series with rocker arms, free body, circuit training in the gym. These exercises are an excellent training stimulus that provide strength and tone, but the resulting calorie expenditure is too low to activate the metabolic processes of fat mobilization, resulting in muscle tone. In order to obtain high performance results in golf, it is necessary to train by stimulating the whole body, keeping the cardiovascular system in shape and allowing the mobilization of fats, generally accumulated in the muscular districts. Let's not forget that everything mentioned above will make sense if, together with the exercise, our coach will be able to educate the golfer to a healthy and balanced diet. Nutrition plays a very important role in athletic training. Nourishment affects 80% of our body. Only what is properly ingested in the stomach can result in muscle mass. Food that is not used as an energy source is first stored in the liver and mixtures in the form of glycogen. If these are not tuilized they turn into body fat. This implies that in order to achieve an excellent result it will be necessary to know how to sensitize our player on the correct power supply.

The walk is a good workout that combines various metabolic and postural aspects, as well as muscle strengthening, necessary for the glof player who wants to perform. If we add a walking stick to the walk and take a walk from two to four points of support, we increase our aerobic work by involving 90% of the muscles and increase our calorie consumption by 36% on average. If we use a Bungypump in all this, we maintain the principles just mentioned, further strengthen our muscle tone as the elastic inserted inside the stick forces the athlete to an auxotonic work that will tone the muscle effectively and increase our 77% calorie consumption.

What will happen in November: all these work points highlighted, will be placed in a training course specifically designed for golfers. Our teachers will train professionals who can assist the golf instructors in the preparation of their athletes, or simply assist in color that will want to be followed by our professions to increase their performance. These new professionals will be enabled to enhance the athletic gesture of golf and improve posture and physical endurance of the player who wants to achieve a performance goal.

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