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Auxotonic training in the game of golf

As part of rehabilitative training, auxotonic training as a functional training is becoming increasingly popular in the world of gyms. This workout is based on muscle contraction, induced by progressive loads. In this specific case, the use of rubber bands is optimal precisely because of the rehabilitative qualities that can be found in this specific case. Muscle contraction is the ability of the muscle to overcome the resistance of a load by developing a force equal to or greater than itself. Muscle contraction manifests itself in two phases: the concentric phase and the eccentric phase. The concentric phase, also called the positive phase, provides for the shortening of the muscle fascia in contrast with the resistance of the load that is to be counteracted. The eccentric phase also called negative corresponds to the elongation of the previously stressed muscle band. Muscle contractions can be dynamic and static. The dynamic contractions are the isometric, plyometric isokinetic, to arrive also to the auxotonic ones. The auxotonic contraction is a progressive contraction that achieves a progressive load training. In this case the progression is determined by the elastic. The use of this tool favors a progressive and almost natural contraction for each of us. Given that the resistance of the rubber band is the same for everyone, not all the subjects using the rubber band achieve the same kind of effort. The elastic helps and follows the muscular contraction as far as the individual has the ability to fight, becoming a true guardian of their exercise. In fact, in the case of an auxotonic training, the concentric contraction that fights the initial inertia therefore explosive to start the process, develops the maximum load capacity, while the eccentric phase is the discharge of the previously compressed elastic to stimulate the muscle mass, must always be controlled and managed with awareness to avoid the spring effect and the consequent depreciation of the work done previously. In the absence of a control of the eccentric phase, our muscular work is reduced to 50% and that is in the concentric phase. There are several types of elastics used in auxotonic training: Elastic bands, circular elastics used in the ankles and lower joints in general, tubular elastics with handles, resistance bands. Among the experts, I report some observations by Dave Gamba, an athletic trainer who works with rubber bands. First of all Dave highlights seven benefits of training with the rubber band. There are seven important points that will make you think about the ability to train a golfer. The seven benefits of training with rubber bands are as follows: They are low-cost They are portable. They can be used in a wide range of exercises and are the most portable equipment you'll ever have available. You can easily put them in your suitcase, take them on a trip, use them anywhere. I personally use them often in hotels when I travel. As they are produced in various strengths, they are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. You can also adjust the intensity of your workout by loosening the elastic more or less. You can also use more rubber bands to increase the challenge. They integrate already existing exercises, to make them more difficult. Elastics can be used for a total body workout that includes virtually all the major muscle groups in your body. Your muscles will adapt quickly to the movements you often do, which is why adding variety to your workouts is the key to keeping your muscles engaged. The resistance bands can be alternated with free weights and machines to increase the variety. Safety. One of the priorities of a good workout. They are beneficial especially if you can not train with a partner. It is not a good idea to lift heavy weights without a spotter, but the rubber bands can be used safely even on their own with slow, controlled movements. They are ideal for practicing anytime, at home or outdoors or traveling. Elastics are incredibly simple, but they are also extremely effective for working your muscles, increasing endurance, flexibility, power and mobility. Always Dave Gamba states that "Regardless of the exercise you have to do, the rubber bands can be incorporated into the heating routine, I suggest focusing on the shoulders, since the rubber bands are excellent for improving stability and reinforcement of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is particularly stressed in the game of golf.In addition, the rubber bands in general are very popular among athletes for a very simple reason that is the main feature of this tool: the longer you stretch.

Personally I add that the rotator cuff is particularly stressed in the game of golf. In addition, rubber bands in general are very popular among athletes for a very simple reason that is the main feature of this tool: the longer you stretch the rubber band, the greater the resistance generated. This progressive resistance is a good thing because it forces your body to maximize muscle engagement and contraction as you perform the movement. Well-developed strength athletes need an eclectic approach to exercise programming, and Elastics are a further way to challenge the system. Elastics can be added to virtually any loaded movement, but some resistance exercises are better equipped than others. . First of all, giving priority to movements composed of multiple joints, you can start by seeing the benefits of your work in power and acceleration very soon. By automatically decelerating the movement when you are near the end (when the rubber band is stretched to the maximum), the rubber band also helps protect your muscles and joints from injuries. On the other hand, by accelerating the eccentric phase of the movement, the return phase of the movement, you could potentially stress your joints. So, we must be careful. To maximize the benefits and minimize risks, I suggest doing exercises with elastics two or three times a week. As per the execution, a key point to remember when you're trying to develop power using the rubber bands is to make explosive movements, but always by checking back. Think about how much this personal trainer says about the use of rubber bands and put it to the attention of your specific workouts to improve your swing. The answer is that these are the essential elements of your training. If you imagine all these benefits included in a stick that will train you in addition to the upper body with the benefits just highlighted, but you also train in walking, a key element for those who play gofl, you will have found the reasons for which this training will turn out to be winning in the game of golf. Since the elastic has multiple applications recognized in the rehabilitation and athletic preparation as you can have read so far, the stick Bungypump can have a large field of employment in these two specializations. In fact, the rubber band is widely used in the aforementioned field because it does not require particular technical and athletic skills. The same goes for the bungypump: an excellent workout that is completed by walking, that is, in the most natural phase of the movement. A bungypump session can also be an excellent exercise slimming: statistics prove that the use of this walking stick develops a caloric consumption of more than 77% compared to a traditional walk.


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