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Caterina Colucci testified to her experience.

Caterina Colucci is our instructor, graduated ex ISEF and Golf player. Below is her testimony on the Bungypump applied to Golf. "Each sport has different technical characteristics, consequently the athletic training must guarantee a physical improvement specific to these characteristics, analyzing the motor scheme of the technical gesture in golf is evident" as if to make a good shot with sticks or irons, both It is necessary to express the strength of the whole body through the swing ... basic movement of the game, in fact this gesture is based on the torsion of the torso, exploiting the expression of explosive strength and muscular elasticity in the movement. The maximum performance of the player, it is necessary to acquire the ability to use at best all the kinetic chains involved in the torsion.In golf, the development of important muscle masses, has no utility, so its enhancement should not be aimed at muscular trophism but the increase in muscular capacity: elasticity - coordination - strength explosive - the balance for moving body control.

Examining the golfer's posture during the effort, it is evident that the body is stressed in a torsion movement that overloads the back muscles, in particular the lumbar area which, if not well trained, is in terms of strength and elasticity. , could lead to annoying algie. It should also be remembered that striking blows also causes large tensions on the elbow and shoulder joints, which can also undergo inflammation due to strain. Therefore even the upper limbs need to be trained appropriately. Even the legs, which support the individual, not only in the game, but also in all phases of daily life, need a large work of strengthening to face the long movements in the field (6-8 12 km) to conclude 18 holes. Stretching will be an integral part to promote the muscular elasticity of the trunk and last but not least, particular attention must be paid to the fact that golf is an asymmetrical sport, therefore the preparation must compensate for the unbalance of symmetry that is generated between the two sides of the body. By organizing a training according to these considerations, any golfer can considerably improve his field skills.


I've been a golf enthusiast and for about 8 months, I'm using Bungypump poles for outdoor activities that I used to do normally by practicing Nordic Walking and I discovered that my performance in the game improved because I significantly increased the aerobic endurance, determined from long walks in a natural environment (preferably on the ground of the Pian del Colle cross-country ski trail in Bardonecchia) where I train summer and winter. But not only that, the fact of using these innovative sticks, which have a variable resistance elastic inside which makes it "cushioned", has allowed me to considerably increase the strength of the arms and consequently of the shoulders, the musculature of the trunk and of the bibs, in a harmonious and bilateral way !!! And this I noticed especially on the left arm, which is known as less and less tonic, for right-handed. In addition, the exercises that I perform thanks to these sticks, interspersing them to the walk, have allowed me to play a real performance circuit combining strength, resistance, coordination and stretching. I also used the pole to carry out rehabilitation exercises in the left limb which underwent a shoulder prosthesis surgery after a bicycle accident and the result was that when I played the swing, when I played golf, I improved the 'amplitude of the movement in the torsion of the torso to the right because I managed to bring the left arm more higher.

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