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A new revolution in Golf: BungyGolf instructor.


November will be a date to remember. Many remember it because it marks the last month before the celebrations at the end of the year, others remember it for Halloween, we at Bungypump Italia will remember it because we organize the first course of Bungy Golf instructors. After a year of work, we are ready with our teaching to create a new professional figure: an athletic trainer who will work for the world of golf. Lately the Golf Clubs are gearing up to give additional services to their members and players. The world of golf remains an object of desire for some, but for many, for players who are passionate about this sport, an integrated sport activity with willpower and athletic gesture, comparable for commitment to concentration and physical effort to a marathon. The parallel that they propose seems exaggerated, but if you analyze it well it is not. A marathon runner must prepare to run 42 km. His mind must support physical effort and the athlete remains focused on the miles. that runs. In golf the player is giving away all his skills in the last 60 meters. After approaching the ball to the hole, having traveled 600 meters with three / four shots, under the sun and carrying the bag, must remain focused because it is near the hole. He must not distract himself but must focus on that flag that marks the last effort, before starting again for another hole. He threw the ball into the banker and came out very well, he managed to fly over the pond and now, at 60 meters from the score, he can not throw the marvelous performance away. It is well known that concentration is favored and favored if we have total control of our body, our muscles. If we are prepared athletically and our structure reacts as we would like, the combination of concentration and athletic gesture will lead to the desired result. What the Bungypump can do, how can the golfer help. The elastic band inside the pole forces the athlete who uses this instrument to a concentric and eccetric auxotonic work. The elastic band compresses during the loading phase and the release, the eccentric phase, must be guided. Otherwise we would lose the pole from our hands, it would jump away. In this way we maximize muscle work. How many times in the gym you will see who exercises the barbell or dumbbells concentrated in the concentric phase (loading) and then suddenly release in the eccentric phase of return to the natural position because they can not control the effort. These athletes use their training at 50%.


Another important aspect: muscle work is concentrated in the upper part of our body. The muscular districts affected by the work of the bungypump are forearms, biceps, deltoids, triceps, dorsal, pectoral and trapezius. All these muscle groups are activated in a direct way, indirectly we get to work for the abdominal and lumbar chain and muscle band. This allows the golfer to acquire the awareness of his body, developing and keeping active the muscular districts interested in the swing. The elastic gives the muscle a soft and prolonged work, not of strength and tension that in golf is harmful to achieve excellent performance. Aerobic sports accustom us to continuous muscle spasms. Who starts playing golf thinks that by hitting the ball with force, this is able to rise more and make a better parable of the opponent. This is not absolutely true. In golf there is no strength, but the awareness of muscular tension. It is in this context that we need to apply the concentration and knowledge of our body, the two fundamental parameters that our future instructors will have as "mission" of their work. The golfers on the "tee" must feel their backs stretched, their wrists contracted, feelings that if ignored will lead to a bad swing or slice. The follow throught held back by the clubface that opens or closes the shot incorrectly, arises from the lack of awareness. With the right training, followed by a qualified instructor the golf player will perform a real athletic preparation, using the bungypump as a stimulator of the various local districts mentioned above, training the muscles involved in the game and giving the player awareness that these muscles "exist "and" use "them by controlling them with their concentration. This will be the primary function of our training course.

golf workout

How will the golfers train with the bungypump: in the field, walking and doing exercises, even a little fitness, so that the player can prevent the joint pain that may occur in the spiral movement that requires golf and especially by training gently, with a particular control of the weight. Yes, because a workout with bungypump burns 77% more calories than a traditional walk. So keeping fit to achieve an excellent result in the score is our future mission.

Our instructors will have access to the Green Card that will enable them to enter the field together with their athlete. The release of this card follows the procedures provided by the Italian Golf Federation, therefore an added value recognized to our new professionals, in addition to the issue of a national diploma and a technical sports card that we will release according to the standards established by the Olympic Italian Comitee agreed with our agency of sports promotion. Qualified professional training is what we want to give to the new Bungy Golf instructors.

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